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A snapshot of the curriculum

In 2024, Kanha Global School will begin admissions for the Early Years and Primary Programmes. The Lower Secondary and Exam Years will follow later, providing a well-rounded holistic curriculum for students to find their spark.

Early Years

Following the renowned Cambridge Early Years Programme, our play-based approach in the first three years sets the stage for lifelong success.
Our Early Years programme is organised around 6 areas of learning:


  • Communication, Language and Literacy

  • Creative Expression

  • Mathematics

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Physical Development

  • Understanding the World

Internationally trained teachers and high quality infrastructure ensure students get access to all resources, both in the class and outdoors, that propel their growth journey. From UKG onwards, a proven phonics program propels confident readers and writers, while empowering them to embrace independence and creative expression.

Cambridge Primary Programme

The Cambridge Primary Programme is based on tried and tested educational principles allowing students to deeply engage with their learning while developing essential knowledge, skills and understanding across the curriculum.


Our engaging curriculum, crafted by experts in respective fields, ensures tailored learning experiences. Teachers, using their professional acumen, track progress through internationally benchmarked tests, ensuring high-quality standards. Beyond academics, our holistic approach fosters bravery, creativity, and application of learning in the real world. Unleash your child's potential with a curriculum that goes beyond boundaries and nurtures passions.

Lower Secondary Programme

The Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme provides the perfect bridge from the foundation of the primary years to the exam years. An engaging curriculum, crafted by experts, ensures tailored learning experiences. Teachers track progress through internationally benchmarked tests, with internationally accredited exams at the end of 8th Grade. In addition to global certification, this also prepares them for formal exams in the later years.

The Exam Years

Cambridge IGCSE and A Levels are often seen as the Gold Standard of Secondary Education, with their curriculums having been developed incorporating decades of development, experience and research. Learning at KGS provides students with consistent opportunities to use and apply learning creatively in real-life scenarios.


In addition to the Cambridge Higher Secondary Programme, at this stage students will be able to opt for the IBDP, a comprehensive and internationally acclaimed programme which emphasises independence of thought, enquiry and student-led learning.


Students will also have access to a programme for specialised university counselling, which guides children to make confident next steps, well beyond the school years.

Learner Profile

What we aim to cultivate in our students

Confidence in Self - The certainty to fearlessly explore, evaluate and defend ideas, while respecting diverse perspectives.
Responsibility - The strength to take charge of their journey, and be conscious of their actions.

Reflection - The understanding to embrace the journey, valuing both the process and product of learning.

Innovation - The exhilaration of challenges, the joy of applying knowledge creatively to tackle the unknown.

Connection - Intellectually alive, socially engaged, we empower students to be one with the world, to make a real world difference.

The extra mile - beyond the textbook.

Our students don’t focus solely on academics.

They are encouraged to do so much more.

They can think, play sports, make music, perform onstage and create art.

Tentative List of activities at KGS

Sports including football, badminton, swimming, weight training, athletics, basketball and cricket.


Creative opportunities include art, pottery, photography, singing, dance, drama and editing the school newspaper.


Service opportunities include gardening, tutoring others and fundraising activities.

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