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Our Campus

Where Excellence Comes to Play

Our classrooms are vibrant spaces where learning goes beyond textbooks. It's about students understanding, applying and exploring their own unique ideas. Our goal is for our students to be well-informed, skilful learners who are able to challenge the status quo and venture into uncharted territory.  Learning doesn’t stop at the door of the classroom, we offer on-campus opportunities that let our students learn from others, solve real-world problems and make a lasting impact.


We are currently in the process of building a modern, custom-designed Phase One for our Early Years and early Primary children. This building is fully air-conditioned and contains five classrooms and a dedicated indoor sports room.  These facilities surround a courtyard which is fully equipped with outdoor play equipment designed with the specific objectives of supporting children to develop physically, mentally and socially.

Our Location:
Kanha Shanti Vanam
True growth happens in all directions.
Our school is situated in the lap of the Kanha Shanti Vanam, the headquarters of the Heartfulness Institute. This is located in 1700 acres of what was once barren, drought-prone land, and is a green oasis today - with over half a million trees and extensive plant and animal life.
It houses the world's largest meditation centre, a Tree Preservation Centre, a Mosquito Control Lab, an international sports centre and extensive Wellness, Ayurveda and Yoga facilities. In 2019, Kanha was awarded the Indian Green Building Council Platinum award for excellence in environmental sustainability and green design. Being at the centre of this ecosystem, students can participate in water conservation, afforestation, and overall wellness.
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