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Our Story

We have one mission - to create an educational sanctuary that’s grounded in India, and connected to the world.


A rigorous curriculum, based on modern, proven educational techniques, is designed to help students achieve excellence. At the same time, access to India’s ancient wisdom, from Sanskrit to Yoga, pottery to art, will enable them to become grounded, responsible and connected individuals.


We’re starting off in the summer of 2024, with classes from Pre-KG to 2nd Grade.

Join us on an educational adventure that can inspire the spark of excellence in children, and help students discover the best in themselves.


Our ultimate vision is for our students to leave Kanha Global School as self-assured, independent individuals who are ready to make a positive impact in a world that's ever-changing.

To bring our vision to life, we've partnered with the University of Cambridge International Assessment - a rigorous yet flexible curriculum, renowned for academic excellence.


But at our core, we're not just about academics. We're about learning practical skills, nurturing curiosity and fostering a spirit of critical thinking. Our students don't just learn; they are doers who question, analyse and embark on adventures where they learn and discover more about life.

The four tenets of learning at KGS

Connect to the real world

Become self-sufficient

Students don’t just learn subjects, but can apply their learnings in the real world by connecting with our community and taking charge of real world projects.

By setting high standards of personal responsibility, we help students achieve independence through tasks including doing their own dishes, tending to the garden and participating in all aspects of school life.

Find your inner spark

Education here is about finding the inner spark in children, through interesting, interactive learning.

Great teachers, great learning

Highly skilled and well trained teachers, excellent educational resources and learning experiences targeted at the right level for each child opens the doors for excellence.

Meet The Team

Anna Dearden, Head of School, Kanha Global School

Anna Dearden

Head of School

With two decades of diverse educational expertise, she's a proven leader in driving school improvement.

Anna is dedicated to empowering teachers for innovative education, ensuring personalized learning experiences that unlock each student's full potential.


Her commitment to excellence earned recognition from the UK government inspection body. Holding a postgraduate degree from the University of Cambridge and pursuing a Cambridge International Diploma in Educational Leadership, Anna's passion for quality education propels Kanha Global School towards a brighter future.

Our Teachers

Our teachers will be mentored by certified Cambridge instructors to not only deliver the curriculum to international standards but also make it come alive for every student, honing their strengths. With a deep understanding of effective teaching methods, they craft diverse, enjoyable activities that empower students to apply knowledge in real-world contexts, ensuring a holistic learning journey.


We are working with an internationally based team to ensure our teaching training is world-class right from the outset and to support us to develop our own Teacher Training Centre with international accreditation within the next five years. In the meantime, we will be bringing in an experienced team to make sure that our teachers don’t just get trained, but they actually convert their learning into outstanding educational experiences and learning for our children.

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