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“Education is not the filling of a vessel, but the kindling of a flame”



Our motto:

Sapere Aude.

At Kanha Global School, we believe in the power of human potential.

Potential that is only limited, or limitless, by our thoughts.

And that’s why we help our students - Dare to Know.

Our Goal

To help children become independent thinkers, better learners, well-rounded athletes and expressive artists; and most of all, grounded human beings.

Four Tenets of Learning at KGS

Connect to the real world

Students don’t just learn subjects, but can apply their learnings in the real world by connecting with our community and taking charge of real world projects.



By setting high standards of personal responsibility, we help students achieve independence through tasks including doing their own dishes, tending to the garden and participating in all aspects of school life.

Find your

inner spark

Education here is about finding the inner spark in children, through interesting, interactive learning.

Great teachers, great learning

Highly skilled and well trained teachers, excellent educational resources and learning experiences targeted at the right level for each child opens the doors for excellence.

Learning at KGS

At KGS, learning doesn’t just happen inside classrooms. It begins the moment students enter the school.

Our aim? Enabling students to become well-informed, flexible and creative thinkers.

We use the Cambridge International Assessment curriculum, regarded as a rigorous and intense curriculum framework, to create exciting, challenging and comprehensive programmes catering to every individual’s needs.

With an eye on the ancient wisdom of India, our curriculum will include Sanskrit, Yoga and opportunities to engage with our local community.

With a choice to graduate with either Cambridge A Levels or at a later date, the IB Diploma, students are prepared for prestigious global universities, and ready for the real world.


Championing Excellence

World-class sports facilities, outstanding coaches, valuing fitness


Fostering Expression

Honing talent in Music, Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Traditional Crafts


Raising the bar

Programmes for Robotics, languages, debate, student exchange

Home of Free Thinking - The KGS Campus


Conceptualised as an educational sanctuary, our campus is custom-built to be both nurturing and full of opportunity. Located at the doorstep of the beautifully serene Kanha Shanti Vanam, the school is developed keeping in mind international safety standards. To harness your child’s true potential, it offers outstanding sports facilities, Cambridge-certified science labs and well-equipped classrooms.

What’s best for your child?

Let your children dare to think for themselves and discover their true potential.

To explore their future at KGS

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